Murs de grille composite souple tendue sur cadre d’acier - Sollertia

The textile facade: a flexible, light, resistant and versatile architectural component to discover

Textile facades are an unfamiliar architectural component in Quebec, despite the fact that they possess many remarkable qualities, including the capacity to contribute to a sustainable construction process. Outside the country, membrane facades have been proliferating for several years now, and we aim to highlight the many advantages inherent to this innovative construction system. Not…  »


Keeping bees safe over the winter, the fruit of a symbiotic collaboration!

We tend to underestimate the depth and breadth of our relationship to bees. To be sure, without the hard work of pollinating insects, the reproduction of the vast majority of botanical species – including most of the vegetables we consume on a regular basis – would simply be impossible.  The appearance of bees on earth…  »

Replacing the inflatable dome at the Centre Multi-Sports du Collège Français

What an astonishing year this has been!  Among the many events and twists of this past pandemic year, the installation of the new inflatable dome at the Centre Multi-Sports du Collège Français in the fall of 2020 definitely stands out for us as an accomplishment of which we are particularly proud.  Let’s take a look…  »

A new member in the Sollertia family

We are excited and proud to announce the arrival of a brand new member in the Sollertia family! On April 1st, Les Entreprises Sollertia Inc. finalized their acquisition of Les Entreprises R.Y.M., the Roxton Pond manufacturer of aluminum awnings, decks, and custom structures, taking our development plan to the next level. The expansion of our…  »

That time our insulating membrane trimmings were turned into sleeping bags

As the cold season was falling upon us, the crew at Sollertia was joining forces with CAREMontreal for the creation and distribution of 41 sleeping bags, specially designed to help Montreal’s homeless people brave the harsh winter. Clearly, the challenges inherent to homelessness have been intensified and further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Sollertia…  »

Sollertia among Canada’s growth leaders

Recognized as an expert in the design and construction of textile structures, Sollertia ranks as the 18th fastest growing construction company in Canada. Canadian Business has unveiled the annual list of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies and Sollertia is proud to be among the winners. Sollertia is listed in the Growth List 2020 ranking with a 255%…  »

A new reality

Despite the temporary closure of our office, workshop and construction sites since mid-March there has been significant activity at Sollertia. Workshop Long before Covid was declared we had ordered a major piece of equipment as part of our efforts to improve the efficiency of our workshop. Delivery was scheduled for April, which meant we had…  »

Tensile fabric architecture in Montreal

Winter is here, earlier than expected! Time for me to write about tensile fabric architecture here in Montreal as promised in my last blog post. The projects mentioned are exterior structures. Obviously, I was not talking about these “abris tempos” which pop up every winter : I think it goes without saying, that the most…  »

Canada Place, Vancouver

What is textile architecture?

When I introduce myself, I try to explain briefly what we do at Sollertia: textile architecture. And then the explanation tends to get much longer than expected. Why? Do you know what textile architecture is? In textile architecture, your material is a flexible and efficient composite membrane. Depending on the intended use of the structure…  »