Thursday June 25 2020

A new reality

Despite the temporary closure of our office, workshop and construction sites since mid-March there has been significant activity at Sollertia.


Long before Covid was declared we had ordered a major piece of equipment as part of our efforts to improve the efficiency of our workshop. Delivery was scheduled for April, which meant we had to continue our efforts to improve and adapt our work and storage spaces in the workshop in order to fully integrate this new arrival.

Since our teams were in confinement, the Le Bel family took charge of the reception of this long-awaited equipment and worked tirelessly on the redevelopment and optimisation of the spaces.

New equipment on a pallet - several people

While balancing telework and family life, our teams sprang into action as soon as possible and took advantage of this slowdown to improve our internal processes and structures.

During this period, we also had to find a new warehouse due to a lease end. Several members of our team used their muscles for the move that took place on Saturday, June 6. This new, larger location will allow us to modulate and optimize space to meet our new needs.

The slowdown in external projects due to the confinement has allowed us to do more than expected during this period, in terms of redevelopment work and for the development of internal tools to increase our efficiency in the design office and workshop.

Construction site

Since the 11th of May the renovation project of the Biodôme has resumed with the necessary sanitary measures put in place due to Covid. Everyone protects themselves well and our teams from the office, the workshop and the construction site are hard at work to complete this exceptional project (see more info) that we look forward to unveil soon.

4 construction workers in front of the Biodôme in Montreal

Promising new projects are coming our way and we are optimistic about the future. Our teams have returned to work and are excited to take on new challenges and achieve exciting projects with you!

Woman in front of laptop at the office