Our passion for tensile fabric architecture is what drives us to design and carry out exceptional projects.
We are your allies when it comes to the creation of unique spaces, inspiring environments and sustainable architecture.
façade textile d'un amphithéâtre
Our expertise in tensioned technical textiles and our creativity allow us to produce innovative lightweight structures.
Marquise d'entrée en membrane tendue double courbure

Textile Architecture

Lightweight and durable textile structures can be built using tensioned membranes and are designed in such a way as to handle the loads to which they are subjected (snow, rain, wind, etc.)

The exceptional strength and flexibility of these membranes allow for the coverage of large surfaces with less material than in traditional construction. In textile architecture, a wide variety of geometric forms are possible, allowing full freedom of architectural expression.

With the primary function being to make the best or most effective use of a space, every membrane has its advantage and can be used in numerous interior and exterior applications. Permanent or temporary, mobile or retractable, tensioned membranes can be used in façade cladding, protective roofing, walls and acoustic ceilings that are both luminous and sculptural. They are water-resistant, have increased resistance to the forces of the winds and the weight of snow, as well as being impact-resistant. Membranes come in differing levels of translucency to let in natural light and their permeability properties aid with the control of solar rays. And finally, their acoustic properties can optimize the comfort level within a space.

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We are a design and construction firm in textile architecture specializing in the design, fabrication and construction of lightweight tensile structures since more than 20 years. Our passionate team of talented and dedicated individuals combine their creativity and technical expertise in order to give life to the most daring project.