We are a team of specialized professionals passionate about high performance technical textiles.  We offer comprehensive services with the objective of creating bold, durable and innovative tensile structures.

We are your allies when it comes to the creation of lightweight tensile structures and environments that are conducive to well-being, as well as spaces that are remarkable, inspiring and sustainable.

We accompany you through every phase of a project, from conceptualization and fabrication to installation and maintenance, in order to ensure service excellence.


We offer personalized services. During the design phase, based on discussions and the exchange of ideas we have with you, we get a clear idea of your expectations, goals and visions.

We can create a design based on your own creative ideas or we can co-design with you or with your own professional team of architects, designers and engineers.

We will create bespoke fabric structures with their own unique architectural language that will convey the essence of your message, your identity and your image.

With our technical expertise and creativity and your most daring ideas to inspire us, we can create tensile fabric structures of various functions and geometric forms that will surely exceed all your expectations.

The structural analysis of any textile structure is integrated early on in the creation process of the architectural form so that the loads and the structure’s stability can be validated.

We offer the following comprehensive consulting and design services:
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design
  • Form finding and geometric studies
  • Modeling and 3D illustrations
  • Choice of materials
  • Structural analysis of the tensile fabric structure using the latest specialized software
  • Membrane deflection studies
  • Solar studies
  • Rainwater evacuation and snow accumulation/sliding studies
  • Membrane cutting plans
  • Design and construction of fastening and tensioning systems
  • Preliminary and complete construction plans for tensile fabric structures and engineered membranes
  • Site supervision
  • Quality control


Once the analyses and shop drawings have been completed, the fabrication of the structural elements and membranes can begin in earnest. Our manufacturers are provided with precise drawings and our specialists diligently follow and ensure production quality and compliance with the schedule.

In our workshop, the membranes are meticulously confectioned using RF (radio-frequency) welding to create the assembled membranes which are installed on site. The scope and complexity of the projects we can undertake are limitless.

Our design department and workshop work hand in hand to produce high-performance, durable and high-quality products. With our state-of-the art equipment, we ensure and maintain rigorous quality control during the entire manufacturing phase. The close collaboration of these departments also allows us to optimize prototyping processes.

We have our own workshop and have been manufacturing membranes since 2017.


Regardless of the size and scope of your project, our trained technicians will ensure a safe installation fully compliant with the standards of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.  Because our membranes are prefabricated in our very own workshop, we are able to install our products rapidly. Project management, site supervision and working at heights pose no problem for our installation experts.

Our installers are involved in the development phase of a project. This collaboration between departments facilitates the creation of high-performance attachment and tensioning systems which in turn simplifies the installation process during larger-scale projects.


Textile fabric structures are durable and require minimum maintenance.  Our teams have the necessary know-how to fully inspect and maintain your textile structure, guaranteeing a longer life for your investment.  Tension adjustments, repairs and cleaning are all done by our team of maintenance experts who are also trained in the assembly and dismantling of large seasonal structures such as inflatable domes.