Shade structures

Lightweight textile structures with double inverted curvature membranes are designed to withstand wind loads. These can therefore remain open and in place during severe weather conditions and are not prone to noise from flapping or wear and tear from friction. Membranes can block anywhere from 83% to 100% of UV radiation, and are ideal for creating shade be it in the form of a canopy, roof or sail. They are used in homes, schools, playgrounds, parks and stadiums, swimming pools, community centers, terraces and parking lots.

Roof structures

Tensioned membranes can span large areas due to their lightweight nature whilst minimizing the use of structural elements.

  • Types of projects:
    • Stages, bleachers and amphitheaters
    • Exhibition halls
    • Circus tents
    • Sports facilities
    • Commercial and industrial buildings
    • Paths and walkways
    • Terraces and patios


We use light and durable engineered membranes with exceptional sound absorption properties. These sturdy and flexible materials allow us to offer innovative architectural solutions while ensuring acoustic comfort for the well-being of occupants.

  • Ceilings and Walls

    These high-performance textiles are well suited for ceilings and large-scale walls be they flat surfaces, curved and organic shapes tensioned on rigid frames, free-form double curvature structures tensioned with cables, or suspended vellum.

  • Translucent

    Highly translucent textiles with superior acoustic properties can be used to diffuse artificial light. Placed in front of windows, they afford solar protection while providing plenty of natural light.

  • Types of applications:
    • Pools and water parks
    • Sports facilities
    • Exhibition halls
    • Cafeterias and restaurants
    • Airports and bus/train stations
    • Conference rooms
    • Stadiums


There exists a wide variety of high-performance technical textiles which can be used to create robust, durable and innovative textile façades. In a new construction or renovation project, the implementation of these types of engineered membranes allows for great creative freedom in the design of façades with unique visual identities.

  • Advantages:
    • Creative freedom in terms of geometry (flat, curved or volumetric surfaces)
    • Translucent materials to let in natural light
    • Projection surface for light shows and retro projection
    • Possibility of custom-printed graphics
    • Thermal comfort and energy savings
    • Lightweight materials compared to traditional materials
    • Durable and resistant to climatic conditions and UV rays
    • Easy and fast installation

Special event structures

Textile structures are ideal for creating remarkable and personalized venues, as they come in a multitude of shapes. Numerous design criteria are taken into account including the installation and dismantling process, whether it’s a single or multi-use structure, whether it’s an interior or exterior project, the surface area to be covered, as well as the type of layout and choice of colour and print.

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Visual and artistic communication

A vast canvas for innumerable forms of visual communication, textile architecture can be a way to showcase creativity and offers an unparalleled display of artistic expression. The shapes and forms that can be created are endless and print can be used for customization.


The high quality and durability of the textile membranes we use are adapted for the most demanding situations.

• Protective covers for water treatment basins
• Bullet-proof curtains
• Circus slides and mattresses
• Various protective covers

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A wide selection of membranes is available for interior use for decorative, finishing and acoustic purposes. With their translucency and very light structures, tensioned membranes are ideal as a means of creating separation in open spaces. The liberty of creation of shapes allows to create dynamic interiors and backdrops.

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We work on a variety of unique projects such as ready-to-camp tents.

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