Wednesday April 28 2021

A new member in the Sollertia family

We are excited and proud to announce the arrival of a brand new member in the Sollertia family! On April 1st, Les Entreprises Sollertia Inc. finalized their acquisition of Les Entreprises R.Y.M., the Roxton Pond manufacturer of aluminum awnings, decks, and custom structures, taking our development plan to the next level.

The expansion of our services thanks to a metal structure fabrication shop has been part of our business plan for some time now, “but we weren’t expecting this to happen before 2023 or 2024!’’ admits Claude Le Bel, president of Sollertia. However, the unique chance to acquire R.Y.M. moved this project ahead by a few years.

Yvan Martin, founder and president of R.Y.M. Inc. for the past 35 years, specifically chose Sollertia to take over and continue his company’s activities, keeping in mind our shared human values and creative vision in searching for solutions. Mr. Martin will remain on board as a consultant until the end of June in order to ensure a smooth transition which will be headed by Karenne Janson-Le Bel with the support of Marc Boulerice on the financial side. R.Y.M. employees will be keeping their positions, allowing us to make the most of their precious expertise.

R.Y.M. has been offering top-notch B2B services and products for over three decades. With this acquisition, Sollertia’s main goal is to continue the excellent work while taking on new challenges and bringing our production loop full circle. In fact, the fabrication of metal structures will allow Sollertia full control over the entire production cycle of its products.

Over the past ten years, R.Y.M. and Sollertia have worked together on numerous projects, including the textile structures of the Ben la Bedaine snack bar in Granby, the textile facades of the Canadian pavilion in Jean-Drapeau Park, the weather protection membrane wall at the Montreal Biodome. Now that they are part of the same large family, R.Y.M. and Sollertia will continue to forge their futures together.