Façade systems

High-performance technical textiles are lightweight and durable finishing materials used in architectural façades. Their flexibility and resistance allow for an infinity of shapes, from flat modular surfaces to curved and organic forms. They are an ideal option when seeking to create a unique visual identity for a building.

We use FACID and Profil TS aluminum profiles in our projects. These attachment and tensioning systems have been recognized and used for years in the field of textile façades. When required, we also design custom attachment and tensioning systems.

There exists a wide variety of technical textiles used in façade applications. Waterproof and translucent, the fabrics also come in mesh form offering varying degrees of porosity, as well as a variety of patterns and colors. Printable membranes can be used to great effect in media communication and building branding.

Textile façades can protect against rain, wind and sun, or they may simply serve to close off an interior space for added privacy. Tensioned mesh membranes can be used in shade structures and can generate considerable energy savings in the form of reduced solar gains and air conditioning costs.

In a building restoration project, the use of fabric mesh tensioned over aluminum frames can enhance the visual identity of the façade. These lightweight systems act as a second skin and have little structural impact on the existing building structure. The space created between the façade and this second skin provides adequate ventilation and protection against solar radiation.

Technical textiles are generally tensioned over their rigid frames in the workshop before their installation on site. For oversized projects however, the membranes are applied directly to their pre-affixed frames on site.

Sollertia is the exclusive distributor of FACID profile systems in Quebec.