Céline Bianchi

A new member in the Sollertia family

We are excited and proud to announce the arrival of a brand new member in the Sollertia family! On April 1st, Les Entreprises Sollertia Inc. finalized their acquisition of Les Entreprises R.Y.M., the Roxton Pond manufacturer of aluminum awnings, decks, and custom structures, taking our development plan to the next level. The expansion of our…  »

That time our insulating membrane trimmings were turned into sleeping bags

As the cold season was falling upon us, the crew at Sollertia was joining forces with CAREMontreal for the creation and distribution of 41 sleeping bags, specially designed to help Montreal’s homeless people brave the harsh winter. Clearly, the challenges inherent to homelessness have been intensified and further complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Sollertia…  »